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The World’s Largest Smog Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Smog And Turns It Into Gem Stones

With every passing year, the condition of the air in some locations is deteriorating from bad to worse. In some places, the pollution is visible. However, in many places, it is not visible, but its impact on our daily lives and health is noticeable. As per a study by researchers at UC Berkeley, about 4,000 people […]

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The Buzz Surrounding the Advanced Industries Sector in the US
Avoiding Structural Buckling with Better Design Tools
New Biometric Platforms Help Developers Deploy Better Solutions
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MIT’S New Camera Can Capture Images at the Speed of Light

Scientists have created a camera that can capture the speed of light. The new camera, developed at MIT, can capture one trillion of images in just a second. A traditional movie camera takes a mere 24 images per second. This new camera technology has enabled scientists to capture the movement of the fastest thing around – light – as it […]

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Wind & Tidal Turbine Placement Improving With Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling
Love Dory in the Movies, But Please Leave Blue Tangs in the Ocean
New Robot Gloves Help Workers & the Disabled Gain Super Strength, Stamina & Dexterity
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