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Is Sustainable Architecture a Fad or a Revolution?

There is currently a sustainable development debate over what the definition and practice of “sustainable architecture” is or should be. Of course, sustainable development in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is quite different than in Southern California, but there are common elements. These days, many of the most talked about sustainable structures built in the […]

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The Biomechanics, Aeronautics & Aerodynamics of Pterosaur Flight
How to Correctly and Safely Handle Tools, Dies, and Molds
Chordelia Will Help You Play the Guitar Without You Actually Learning How
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Musculoskeletal Robot Driven by Multifilament Muscles Resembles a Human’s Movements

Researchers at the Suzumori Endo Robotics Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have a different take on robotics in the form of a musculoskeletal robot that moves like a human. Essentially, a fake skeleton covered in a bunch of cables, the musculoskeletal robot is powered by artificial multifilament muscles that function like real human muscles […]

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LOL at Someone Actually Using the Rather Practical Sprang Chair in an Office
How Volkswagen Cheated and What’s Being Done to Fix it
The Freedom 251 Android Smartphone Costs as Much as a Cup of Coffee
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