LOL at Someone Actually Using the Rather Practical Sprang Chair in an Office

By: | July 11th, 2016

The Sprang Chair might look ridiculous and get you made fun of for using it, but by damn, it’s a masterpiece of a creation.

If you work in a cubicle, sitting down all day like myself, your back will inevitably start to hurt and sometimes it turns into chronic pain.

In an effort to curb such a prevalent problem in the world, the Sprang Chair claims to be “the perfect balance of movement and comfort.”


The Sprang Chair features a unique design of an exercise-like ball anchored down by bungee cords for lumbar support, in addition to being extremely flexible as demonstrated below.


Creator of the chair, Darren Mark says, “It’s a mobile operating platform for your core.”

The funny thing is, I can’t imagine anyone showing up with the Sprang Chair to their office then proceeding to gyrate and bounce around on it all day. I’m all for the idea, but I have a sneaking suspicion most folks will just opt for the back pain over the Sprang.


Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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