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25-Year-Old Man Lived For 555 Days With an External Artificial Heart

Can you imagine a life of a human being without a heart? Stan Larkin was the first man to live 555 days with an artificial heart. He used to carry it in a backpack 24/7 for 555 days, before being able to receive a transplant. The success of this procedure gives a ray of hope […]

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Colin Furze is a Certified Maniac After Building His New 5,000 Shot Deathstar
Robolink Modular Kit For Customizable Humanoid Robots and Low-Cost Automation
NASA Successfully Attaches Expandable Habitat to International Space Station
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Teenage Egyptian King Tut’s Dagger Came From Outer Space

Mystical Egyptian King Tutankhamun died at the young age of 19 after a 10-year reign. King Tut’s tomb was discovered intact in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1922. Ever since the discovery of his tomb, archaeologists and historians have been fascinated by King Tut’s mummified remains and the mysterious objects found in the tomb. Pharaoh’s dagger […]

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Flatev Essentially Functions Like a Personal Coffee Maker But for Fresh Tortillas
Did Elon Musk Visit the Pentagon to Discuss an Iron-Man-Like Metal Suit?
SpaceX Announces Plans to Relaunch a Reusable Rocket in September or October
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