Colin Furze is a Certified Maniac After Building His New 5,000 Shot Deathstar

By: | June 13th, 2016

Colin Furze’s YouTube

Well, maybe Colin Furze has been nuts for a while now. The dude’s YouTube channel is a goldmine for engineering and wild inventions most people wouldn’t even begin to attempt to build.

And while he may not be a certified maniac, he definitely has pyromaniac tendencies with all the fire he messes around with in his videos.

The latest gem from Colin Furze is a 5,000 shot deathstar, comprised of 58 boxes of fireworks all wired together!

As one could probably guess, the results are a spectacular 20 seconds of pure fireworks heaven as 5,000 go off simultaneously.

Aptly named The Firework Deathstar, it’s enough to make every sports organization stop attempting to put on their own fireworks show after ballgames.

Check it out for yourself:

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