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Stanford’s New Wind Tunnel Helps Study Birds in the Name Of Drones

As drones continue to rise in popularity, new methods of testing are also being created. Stanford engineers developed a wind tunnel specifically designed to help better understand how birds deal with turbulence during flight, in an effort to improve autonomous aircraft. By studying how birds adapt to different wind conditions in a controlled environment, Stanford […]

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Animated Guide Into the Science of How Wind Turbines Work [Infographic]
New Neuromorphic Computer Chips for Brain Like Computing
Unlock Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road Within Tesla’s Autopilot Mode
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The Mosquito Killer Billboard Aims to Combat Zika Virus in Brazil

Advertising agencies, Posterscope, and NBS have unleashed “The Mosquito Killer Billboard” in Brazil, which mimics human sweat by emitting carbon dioxide and a lactic acid. The billboard lures in mosquitos, where they are trapped and die, in an effort to combat the Zika virus in Brazil. Since April 2015, there have been more than 1.5 […]

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You Can Watch The Titanic Sink in Real Time if You Have About 3 Hours to Spare
Domino’s Robot Unit Delivers Piping Hot Pizzas
Bye Bye Bananas! Panama Disease May Kill the World’s Favorite Fruit
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