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What’s in Your Food? Handheld Food Sensors Detect Gluten, Chemicals

IndustryTap has reported on an FDA finding suggesting that most supplements don’t contain what is listed on labels. Consumers may not be able to depend on the FDA for help as they do not regulate supplements. Also, consumers cannot depend upon the honesty of food and supplement suppliers. What is clear is that a new […]

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World’s First Collaborative Dual Armed Industrial Robot Folds Paper Airplanes
Meet Nadine, a Companion Robot with ‘Personality, Mood, and Emotions’
Breast Cancer Tumors Destroyed in 11 days With Amazing New Therapy
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Has Geographic Profiling Revealed the Identity of Elusive Artist Banksy?

Using a profiling technique commonly employed by the police, it seems that elusive street artist Banksy’s identity has been definitively revealed. So much for pseudonyms in the age of invasive technology. Remember how J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame was quickly identified when she tried to write a novel under a fictitious name? You don’t […]

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Deltec Launches Affordable, Super Efficient, Net-Zero Energy Homes
Robots Sent to Clean Up Fukushima Power Plant Have “Died” Due to Radiation
New Implantable Audio Devices Could Improve Life for Everyone
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