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The Incredible Øresund Bridge Turns Into an Underwater Tunnel

The Øresund is an engineering marvel designed by the Danish architect George K.S. Rotne. Winner of several design and engineering awards, it consists of a bridge, a tunnel, and an artificial island. It was opened on July 1, 2000, after only five years of construction. Øresund Bridge is incredibly unique and well-engineered It is the longest […]

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Innovative Seeing Eye Ring Helps Blind, Visually Impaired Read
Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight Features Him Tearing Up Dubai in a 650-Horsepower Fiesta
Cutting Edge Remotely Piloted Aircraft Technology
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Steel Cooling Beds Feature Durable Bearings That Withstand Temperatures Up to 650°C

Steel producers are known for their massive steel plants, many of which feature rolling mill divisions tasked with carrying out the tedious process of transforming cast slabs, blooms, and billets into a myriad of metal products. Metal stock is passed through pairs of rolls to reduce thickness and be made uniform before ultimately being turned […]

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Game on for Tesla as Croatia Touts World’s Fastest Electric Car
World’s Top 10 Supercomputers and Their Specs
Uploading Human Minds to Humanoid Robots & Supercomputers
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