Cutting Edge Remotely Piloted Aircraft Technology

By: | March 7th, 2016

Recently, the oil-rich nation of Nigeria needed a way to map and monitor its oil pipelines in the Niger Delta area. And British Petroleum (BP) was looking to do the same for BP’s oil pipelines in Alaska. Both turned to Barnard Microsystems Limited (BML) of the UK, known for innovative, well-designed, and reliable unmanned drones to do the job.

Barnard Microsystems designs, develops, and manufactures unmanned aircraft systems for civilian and security applications and built the well-known InView Unmanned Aircraft. BML serves customers in oil, gas, and mineral exploration, pipeline and installation monitoring, and detection of threats to military personnel. BML’s many accomplishments include:

  • Designing, developing and manufacturing two-stroke, four-stroke, turbine, wankel, rotating cylinder, electric, batteries and propellers for drones.
  • Using satellite-based communications for small unmanned aircraft.
  • Using satellite-based data relay and navigation services for small unmanned aircraft in oil, gas, and mineral exploration and production activities.
  • Using unmanned aircraft in border patrol activities.
  • Using InView UAS in commercial, scientific, and state applications.
  • Using unmanned aircraft in oil and gas exploration and production activities.
  • Developing small UAV command, control, and communication capabilities.
  • Developing UAV features, applications and technology.

The company’s remotely piloted drones are also used in:

  • real estate viewing and video recording
  • aerial photography
  • radiation monitoring
  • aerial analysis
  • agriculture
  • border patrol
  • extreme weather monitoring
  • maritime monitoring
  • natural disasters
  • policing
  • telecommunications
  • crowd monitoring

Following are links to some of BML’s projects with lots of great images:

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