Uploading Human Minds to Humanoid Robots & Supercomputers

By: | March 7th, 2016

Uploading Human Minds

Uploading Human Minds (Image Courtesy www.seragpsych.com)

Scientists are working so that one day, at the end of your life, your memories and consciousness can be uploaded to the cloud. This won’t mean you’ll be alive, but it will mean that your life’s data will be usable.

Unlocking the Value of Human Brain Data

According to computer scientist Keith Wiley, senior software engineer at Atigeo, the human mind may one day find a home in a substrate outside of the human brain. The general idea is to import the human mind into humanoid robots or supercomputers.

Uploading Human Minds

A project called the Blue Brain Project is focused on the digital reconstruction of the human brain. The project involves the study of neurons, sensory systems, supercomputers, neuroscience microscopy, and brain modeling. The project has attempted to re-create just one second of human brain activity and believe they have created a simplified digital replica of the brain. According to the project, the computer power needed to exactly replicate the brain’s processes does not yet exist.

The following TED video featuring Henry Markam discusses uploading a brain to a supercomputer.

The following video discusses “Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry.”

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