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These Giant Wooden Megaphones Will Let You Hear the Subtle Sounds of Nature

To listen to the healing sounds of Mother Nature, a group of interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts amplified the pure natural sounds of the forest…the wind blowing through trees, rustling of the leaves, and rainfall with birds chirping in the background. They built three king-size wooden megaphones, each with a three-meter […]

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The Benefits of Intrinsically Safe Sensors Over Explosion Proof Housings
“Starchitect” Renzo Piano’s New London Skyscraper Design
Variable Speed, Variable Pitch Wind Turbines Depend on Control Technology
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World’s Most Expensive Mack Truck Built for Malaysia’s Sultan of Johor

Malaysia’s Sultan of Johor wanted to add the world’s most expensive Mack Truck to his arsenal, so Mack Truck’s Australian division made a custom truck to adhere to his wish. The ultra expensive truck, which Mack acknowledges is the most expensive it has ever made yet won’t reveal its exact cost, features a solid gold […]

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Brain Surgeons Using Non-Invasive Focused Ultrasound Beams
World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy System Turns Poo Into Power and Fertilizer
Hear the Frightening Scream of Atoms Inside a Fusion Reactor
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