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The Cinder Cone: This Guy Quit His Job to Build the Insane Treehouse He’s Always Wanted

Foster Huntington got a job designing for Ralph Lauren right out of college. What would seem like a dream for most new college grads turned into a nightmare for Huntington, who lamented the idea of spending his youth in an office or cubicle. So, he did what anyone would do… Well maybe not, but he […]

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Drug ‘Stings’? Honeybees May Be Used by Law Enforcement to Help Detect Illegal Drugs
US Army Teaming Up With Malloy Aeronautics to Further Develop Hoverbikes
Turning Colon Cancer Into Healthy Tissue with Flick of DNA Switch
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Samsung’s New Prototype Safety Truck Allows Drivers to See Through Big Rigs

Samsung is currently testing the company’s new prototype Safety Truck, which utilizes a wireless camera on the front to transmit live video to the back of the big rig. As a result, drivers behind big trucks can literally watch on a screen what is going on in front of the truck, almost as if it […]

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Watch a NASA Physicist Conduct Experiments of Water in Zero Gravity!
Wave Power: Harnessing the World’s Largest Untapped Renewable Energy Resource
Photographer Marc Simon Frei Used a Mini Tesla Coil to Capture Electrical Discharges
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