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The New BMW 7 Series Comes With a Key Fob That Allows the Car to Park Itself!

No one has actually seen the new BMW 7 Series without its camo wrapping yet, but that hasn’t stopped the public from getting excited about the brand new “ultimate driving machine.” The craziest, most unique feature of the 7 Series has to be its remote-control parking. If a parking space is too tight at a […]

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Mattro Unveils New Ardenner ATV to Outshine Ziesel Offroad
GE’s T25 Becomes First 3D-Printed Part Officially Approved for a Commercial Jet Engine
New Aluminum Battery Can Recharge Your Phone in Just 60 Seconds!
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Rice University Engineers Develop Skin-Numbing 3D-Printed Capsule…. Make Shots Less Painful

Freshman engineers from Rice University have developed a 3D-printed capsule equipped with two sealed chambers, one filled with ammonium nitrate, and the other with water. The idea behind the capsule is to act similarly to an ice pack or rubbing alcohol, in an effort to make needles and injections less painful without the use of […]

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Crash Test Reveals Ford’s Aluminum F-150 is Safer Than Previous Steel Versions
Bike Lane in Middle of Korean Highway Generates Power From Solar Energy
The Chevrolet FNR’s Front Seats Swivel to Allow Passengers to Talk While the Car Drives Itself
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