The Chevrolet FNR’s Front Seats Swivel to Allow Passengers to Talk While the Car Drives Itself

By: | April 26th, 2015

The Chevrolet FNR concept is unbelievable to look at, something that looks like a Tron vehicle mixed with a BMW i8.

Designed by GM’s Shanghai-based Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center team, the futuristic vehicle features a set of “dragonfly”-style swinging doors, hubless motors inside the wheels, and a wireless charging system for the electric drivetrain.

The most intriguing part of the car, beyond the fact it can drive itself, is that the FNR’s front seats can swivel 180 degrees, giving the capability for all passengers in the car to talk face to face while the car does its own thing on the road.

That’s some crazy stuff right there!

And oh yeah, the FNR comes with an iris recognition system to authenticate the driver. Basically, this car will be very difficult to steal from its owners…

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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