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19-Year-Old Has Created a Robotic Arm Controlled By the Mind… Acknowledged By President Obama!

It’s not very common to hear about a 19-year-old that works for NASA and is steadfastly working on a solution that will improve the lives of many at a very human level. That’s right, meet Easton LaChappelle. Easton is that 19-year-old visionary and innovator that sees the differences between science and engineering and is bringing them […]

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The Delphi Autonomous Car Just Completed the Longest Ever Self-Driving Trip in North America
After Watching This Video… I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Make a Matchstick Rocket as a Kid!
Germanwings: The Beginning of the End for Human Pilots in Commerical Aviation
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VeinViewer Means No More Poking People Relentlessly to Locate Veins

If you are scared of the needle because you have difficult-to-locate veins, there is some good news for you. To keep the guesswork out of injections, a Memphis-based company Christie Medical Holdings, has designed a device that can locate veins inside a person’s arm using harmless near-infrared light. VeinViewer is a vein finder that uses […]

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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Has Finished Their Engine, Ready to Launch a Rocket This Year!
Times Square 3015: A Mile High Skyscraper
Qantas “City of Canberra” 747-400, World Record Holder for Longest Non-Stop Commercial Flight, Retires
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