Times Square 3015: A Mile High Skyscraper

By: | April 8th, 2015

Times Square 3015: Vertical vs. Horizontal Living

IndustryTap has regularly covered Evolo’s skyscraper competitions; this year’s competition included over 6,000 entries with winners chosen last month.

One of the more interesting entries was Times Squared 3015, a mile high skyscraper enclosing Times Square in New York City. Skyscraper 3015, designed by Blake Freitas, Grace Chen, and Alexi Kararavokiris, won honorable mention.

Reimagining Times Square

Skyscraper 3015 is, in and of itself, an entire city, planned for 1,000 years in the future. Skyscraper 3015 capitalizes on Times Square’s cultural icon status that celebrates commercialism, colorful signage, diversity, and craziness.

Skyscraper 3015 is designed to house both residential and destination modules including:

  • Homes, shops, and offices
  • Sky malls or “retail worlds”
  • Huge electronic billboards
  • Vertical farms
  • A beach
  • A Miniature Mountain Range with a Redwood Forest
  • A vertical subway
  • Giants Stadium

According to the architects, the idea behind the project is a new skyscraper typology, a vertical city packed with everything residents and businesses could possibly desire. The general idea is to extend the vitality and excitement people feel from the current Times Square throughout the fabric of the project.

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