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NASA’s LEAPTech Project Features a 31-Foot Wingspan With 18 Electric Propellers

NASA’s Leading Edge Asynchronous Propellers Technology (LEAPTech) project is part of an initiative to develop a more efficient, electric-powered plane. An image of the proposed wings for LEAPTech has been circulating around the Internet lately because they look awesome, to say the least. A total of 18 small engines sit along the 31-foot wingspan in order […]

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Fly Through the New Zealand Countryside on this 450 Horsepower Jet-Powered Boat!
Google to Fly 84-Foot Wind Turbine Next Month After ZERO Crashes Throughout Smaller Turbine Tests
How the Japanese Run a Profitable, Sustainable Train System
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NASA Astronauts Love Being Shuttled Around in These 6×6 Russian ZIL-49061s

Coming back down to Earth after being onboard the International Space Station for six months is not exactly a seamless transition. In fact, NASA takes a lot of precautions when it comes to helping astronauts not only reenter, but get accustomed to Earth’s atmosphere again. Expedition 42 commander Barry Wilmore of NASA landed with Alexander […]

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Infographic: The World’s Largest Diggers are Taking Part in The Global Mining Boom
Europe & Japan Jointly Developing New Hypersonic Plane
Poo Bus Rolling Out This Month, Powered by Waste From 32,000 UK Households
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