Fly Through the New Zealand Countryside on this 450 Horsepower Jet-Powered Boat!

By: | March 20th, 2015


Have you ever wanted to cruise through beautiful New Zealand in a jet-powered boat?

Honestly, I never knew I wanted to either until I saw the video below, which is essentially a very fast boat doing cool things in an awesome place.

What more could you ask for?

Here is an excerpt from the Skipper Canyon Jet website explaining the boats in further detail:

Skippers Canyon’s jet boats are powered by Chevrolet V8 engines, producing 450 horsepower and operate on high octane aviation fuel.

The thrust comes via a Hamilton jet 212 jet unit pumping 25000 liters of water per minute.

Our state of the art custom built Jet boats are designed for one purpose; to excite and thrill you as you race through the Shotover River Canyons at speed of 80km/hr. Sit back, hold on, and try to relax as our experienced boat drivers navigate the sheer canyon walls along the Shotover River as well as the mining dredges and sheet piles left by the miners through Skippers Canyon over a century ago.

With skill and speed you will negotiate the narrow river channel, skimming over shallow 6 inch deep river beds, when suddenly you are going sideways, backwards, sideways and back facing the way you were going, WOW, that’s a Hamilton spin! 360 degree spin, as the boat turns in its own length!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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