Google to Fly 84-Foot Wind Turbine Next Month After ZERO Crashes Throughout Smaller Turbine Tests

By: | March 19th, 2015


At SXSW this week, Google X’s Astro Teller announced the company is planning on flying an 84-foot wind turbine next month.

Unlike the turbines you would probably imagine, Google’s look more like small planes and are actually linked to a docking station.

Once released, the turbines utilize their eight propellers to fly upwards of 450 meters in the air. When the desired altitude is reached, the drag converts each of the propellers into individual turbines capable of shooting 600 kilowatts back down to Earth.

It should be interesting to see how the turbine Google plans to fly next month, which will be 84-feet-long, holds up because all the test turbines thus far have been merely 28 feet in length.

With the help of additional propellers on the larger turbine, Google believes it will be just fine.

After all, the tech giant has yet to crash a test turbine to date. Knock on wood…

Marshall Smith

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