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17,416 Pound BRDM-2 Armored Military Vehicle Being Used As TAXI In Russia

If you are visiting Russia any time soon, don’t be surprised if your TAXI comes in the form of a BRDM-2 Armored Military Vehicle. According to Russia Today, the BRDM APC (Combat Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle) fulfilled its role for the military and recently received a taxi permit in Saint Petersburg. The vehicle’s initial application […]

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Only In Japan: A Taste Of Tokyo’s Urban Architecture
“Golden Arches” Helping Cash Poor Youth Eat More With Can Currency
The Power Of Poo: Could “Number Two” Turn Out To Be a Number One Producer Of Usable Methane Gas?
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Star Explodes, Sends ‘Light Echoes’ Around Universe

NASA has released this incredible time-lapse video showing the enormous explosion of a red star called V838 Monocerotis, located some 20,000 light years away. In January 2002 the outer surface of V838 Mon suddenly increased its brightness 600,000 times more than our sun to become the brightest star in the Milky Way Galaxy. V838 Mon lies […]

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2014 James Dyson Award Winner
New Sensors Help Detect, Flush Out Criminals
India Poised To Have The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant… A 750 MW Project
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