Only In Japan: A Taste Of Tokyo’s Urban Architecture

By: | December 30th, 2014

Japan is known for its unique art, rural and urban architecture, food and culture. Whether you’re in Tokyo, Nagasaki, Kyoto or Hokaido you’ll find something to delight your senses and imagination.

Tokyo Urban Architecture

The experience of walking through Tokyo has been described as an “Alice in Wonderland” journey (see video). The juxtaposition of ancient structures and huge tall ultra modern skyscrapers is, altogether, to peer into the Japanese soul.

A French photographer Jeremie Souteyrat recently published Tokyo No ie” (“Tokyo Houses”) or 東京の家 full of images of residential dwellings in Tokyo. The book can be published at Souteyrat’s website.

For more of Jeremie Souteyrat’s photography, visit his online slideshows. Souteyrat’s work is published frequently in French, German and Japanese newspapers and magazines including Liberation and Der Spiegel.

A famous movie about the architecture of Tokyo “Mr. Smith Goes To Tokyo” is a great way to see Tokyo. The following video is a 5 minute trailer.

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