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Six Flags Unveils The World’s Tallest Drop Ride: 41 Stories High and 90 MPH!

Six Flags decided to remove their outdated, wooden rollercoaster called Rolling Thunder and replaced it with what?! The world’s tallest drop ride! The ride, called Zumanjaro, will be ready to go this summer at New Jersey’s Great Adventure Park ans is 41 stories high with a drop of 90 miles per hour. And that’s not […]

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Why Did a Billionaire Spend $36 Million on This Cup?
Amazon Redefines Your “Dash” to the Supermarket with New Grocery Shopping Remote Control
BMW Develops Laser Beam Headlights That Won’t Blind Other Drivers
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The U.S. Navy’s New Railgun Can Hurl 23-Pound Projectiles Over 5,000 MPH!

The U.S. Navy’s latest weapon is an electromagnetic railgun launcher… Yes, it sounds intense but what does it actually do? For starters, the launcher is capable of hurling 23-pound projectiles at speeds exceeding Mach 7 thanks to a form of electromagnetic energy called Lorentz force. To put it in perspective, that means shells can travel […]

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Origami-Inspired Tube Squeezes Out Every Last Ounce of Toothpaste
Need WiFi? Look for a Flying Wind Turbine.
Volcanic Island “Cannibalizes” Its Neighbor “Pac-Man” Style
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