BMW Develops Laser Beam Headlights That Won’t Blind Other Drivers

By: | April 10th, 2014

BMW will begin manufacturing new headlights for its plug-in i8 hybrid featuring a laser light concept that it claims will reach a high beam range of up to 600 meters. However, the technology is still waiting on approval in the US from the Department of Transportation.

Inside the lamps, a laser will make contact with a fluorescent phosphorus substance that will create a stronger white light than the standard headlights we’re accustomed to. BMW says that it will make driving at night safer and will not use up any extra power but the laser technology will be optional too.

“Laser diodes are ten times smaller than conventional light diodes,” says BMW. “They help to save not only available installation space inside the headlamp, but also weight.”

BMW went on to say that the stronger light emitted from the headlights will not dazzle oncoming traffic.

“With the sum of its properties, BMW Laser Light is the ideal light source for the main beam of a vehicle. It combines unparalleled performance and safety with a high level of efficiency and exceptional compactness. Its outstanding range facilitates improved illumination and even better visibility when driving in the dark. As a result, it ensures a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience and enhanced road safety.”

Jonathan Keane

Irish journalist writing on business, tech and engineering.


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