Six Flags Unveils The World’s Tallest Drop Ride: 41 Stories High and 90 MPH!

By: | April 10th, 2014

Six Flags decided to remove their outdated, wooden rollercoaster called Rolling Thunder and replaced it with what?!

The world’s tallest drop ride! The ride, called Zumanjaro, will be ready to go this summer at New Jersey’s Great Adventure Park ans is 41 stories high with a drop of 90 miles per hour.

And that’s not a typo…

After a swift, 30 second ride to the top of Zumanjaro at 415 feet, riders will have a brief moment to take in the scenery of the park and surrounding area before leaving their stomachs behind and taking the terrifying plunge to the bottom.

Does it make you cringe just thinking about it yet?

Watch the insane simulated promo video:

Marshall Smith

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