Amazon Redefines Your “Dash” to the Supermarket with New Grocery Shopping Remote Control

By: | April 8th, 2014

Amazon has introduced a brand new grocery buying gadget called, “Dash.” This handheld remote control can be used to purchase food from Amazon Fresh, the company’s same-to-next day delivery service. That doesn’t mean you’ll be skipping the lines at your local supermarket any time soon, though. Dash is currently only in beta testing by invitation only and you have to live in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle.

However, Dash looks promising if you like the idea of not having to lug home a car full of paper or plastic bags from the grocery store. The device is basically a wand equipped with voice recognition technology and a barcode scanner, making the task of creating a shopping list at home super easy.

Then, upon your request for delivery of the shopping list you created, Amazon Fresh delivers groceries right to your door in one day or less. No word yet on if Amazon’s delivery drones will be flying your groceries to your doorstep in the future.

To get an idea of everything Dash can do, check out this video:

Marshall Smith

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