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The UN Report Says The Ozone Hole Will Be Completely Closed In The Next 40 Years

The United Nations says that Earth’s ozone layer is on its way to recovering. An UN-backed panel of experts has estimated that the ozone layer is expected to recover to the 1980 level by 2040, and complete regeneration of the ozone layer is expected by 2066. The reason for the positive development is the decades […]

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An AI-Based Robolawyer to Defend a Human in Court for the First Time
Carbon-Neutral $3M Hypercar: De Tomaso P900
Scientists Are Planning To Convert Abandoned Mines Into Gravity Batteries
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German Bionic unveils Lightweight and versatile AI-Driven Power Suits for Workers

Physically demanding jobs can take a toll on the body. When workers exert themselves beyond their physical limits, it can cause work-related injuries or even lead to a fatality. Now, to protect workers from physically demanding jobs, a European robotics firm German Bionic has introduced three power suits to support the workers– Apogee, Smart SafetyVest, […]

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Know How Ancient Roman Concrete Was So Durable
Bullish Wave of EVs May Shape The Future Of The US Automotive Industry
APC UK Invests £73 Million for World-Leading Green Collaborative Research and Development
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