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Researchers developed Paper-Thin Solar Cell that Can Turn Any Surface into Power Source

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers have discovered a way to turn any surface into a source of electricity. They have developed a scalable manufacturing technique to print ultra-light solar cells that can be easily glued to any surface like a sticker. Much thinner than human hair, these durable and flexible PV cells are printed […]

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Scientists Discover Earth’s Strongest Material
Lockheed Martin and Israel’s Rafael Partner to Develop 100-Kw Laser Weapon System
A New Head-Up Display across the Entire Windshield Will Change the Way You Drive
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These Next-Generation Lights by Porsche Use 16,000 LEDs to Turn Night into Day

Porsche has developed a revolutionary headlamp technology with high illumination capabilities. Porsche called it “the light technology of the next generation,”  The company developed it using its new high-resolution HD matrix technology The innovation’s central component is a chip. This chip combines over 16,000 individually controllable micro-LEDs onto a surface area the size of a thumbnail. Out […]

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The World’s Largest Aircraft Engine Is Fully Functional and Now Ready For Testing
These Miniature Water Pipe Robots Will Look For Cracks in Inaccessible Pipes to Fix Leakage Proactively
3D-Printed Meat Company Is Building the Largest Cultivated Meat Production Facility In The World
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