These Next-Generation Lights by Porsche Use 16,000 LEDs to Turn Night into Day

By: | December 29th, 2022

Image Credit Porsche

Porsche has developed a revolutionary headlamp technology with high illumination capabilities. Porsche called it “the light technology of the next generation,” 

The company developed it using its new high-resolution HD matrix technology

The innovation’s central component is a chip. This chip combines over 16,000 individually controllable micro-LEDs onto a surface area the size of a thumbnail. Out of four LED chips used per vehicle, two are used in each headlight. 

Hermann-Josef Stappen, Spokesperson of Research and Development and Technology Communications at Porsche said, “The headlights with HD matrix technology, therefore, offer a high-resolution light distribution up to twice as bright on a surface four times larger than previous top-notch systems.”

According to Porsche, this new technology, promises to provide extremely bright and homogeneous illumination on the road. The company boasts that its high-performance beam can turn night into day at a distance of up to 600 meters.

Active matrix light generation

The HD matrix modules generate direct high-resolution light with a total of 32,768 individually controllable pixels per headlight. Its HD matrix headlights help in activating only the pixels that are required at that very moment. As a result, it provides the same amount of light while consuming considerably less energy than other high-resolution systems.

Not only this, these next generation lights also have innovative functions such as lane illumination, construction and narrow-lane lighting, and adaptive motorway high-beam lights. 

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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