3D-Printed Meat Company Is Building the Largest Cultivated Meat Production Facility In The World

By: | December 14th, 2022

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Israeli-based company Believer Meats a leading pioneer of the cultivated meat industry is commencing its first U.S. commercial facility in North Carolina.

Located in Wilson, it will cover a site of 200,000-square-foot (18580,608 m2). Once operational, the facility’s production capacity will be at least 10,000 metric tons (22 million pounds) of cultivated meat.

It is going to be the largest cultivated meat production center in the world. The company is making a planned investment of $123.35 million for this project.

“Our facility propels Believer forward as a leader in the cultivated meat industry,” says Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, CEO of Believer Meats. “Our brand has continually proven our commitment to scale production technology and capacity, and with our new U.S. production center, we are one step closer to commercialization. Believer is setting the standard globally to make it possible for future generations to eat and enjoy meat.”

The meat is produced without slaughtering a single animal

Believer Meats, formerly known as Future Meat, is looking to play an important role in the availability of lab-grown meat products. The company is cruelty-free and very respectful of the ecological environment. Moreover, this project should create more than 100 jobs over the next three years.

But how this meat is produced?

The procedure involves sourcing the animal cells only once. The best-selected cells are then placed in an optimal environment. These cells are then provided with all the vital nutrients required for their growth. After that, fully developed animal cells are harvested.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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