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World’s First Computer Chip That Transmits Data Using Sound Waves Instead Of Electrons

Harvard researchers have developed the world’s first computer chip which transmits data in the form of sound waves rather than electrons. Traditional computer chips transmit and process data by modulating electrons. Their flow is adjusted by components like transistors that encode data into the computer language of ones and zeroes. Here one represents high current […]

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Bacterial Biobattery Produces Electricity for Weeks
Switzerland’s 20 Million KWh Water Battery Is Now Ready
Chinese Spacecraft Captures Remarkable Pictures of The Entirety of Mars
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Tata Chemicals Europe Opens UK’s Largest Carbon Capture Plant

UK’s first industrial-scale carbon capture is opened by Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE), as announced in a press release. The goal is to recycle 40,000 tonnes of waste CO2 annually, equivalent to taking over 20,000 cars off the roads. It indicates a key milestone in the race to meet the UK’s net-zero targets by 2050.  This project […]

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Sony Honda Mobility Inc.: New Sony and Honda EV business
UCLA Researchers Create Artificial Muscles That Are 10x Stronger and Flexible Than Natural Muscles
Scientists Develop A Way to Harness Wasted Methane Burned During Flaring
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