Tata Chemicals Europe Opens UK’s Largest Carbon Capture Plant

By: | July 2nd, 2022

The UK’s first industrial scale carbon capture and utilization plant (Image Source: Tata Chemicals Europe

UK’s first industrial-scale carbon capture is opened by Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE), as announced in a press release. The goal is to recycle 40,000 tonnes of waste CO2 annually, equivalent to taking over 20,000 cars off the roads. It indicates a key milestone in the race to meet the UK’s net-zero targets by 2050. 

This project will also help in reducing TCE’s carbon emissions by over 10%

Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are a primary driver of climate change. It presents one of the world’s most pressing challenges. So to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, scientists are working on ways to remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the air.

Win-Win situation for TCE 

TCE is not only going to capture the CO2 but is going to make money from it as well. The plant will purify the captured CO2 to food and pharmaceutical grade. Then it will use the purified Co2 in making sodium bicarbonate known as Ecokarb.

The project was built with an investment of £20 million (US$ 24.5 million). The firm was given a £4.2m government grant for the project.

A greater part of the Ecokarb generated will be used in a process called hemodialysis, for treating kidney disease patients. The remaining part of it will be used in manufacturing glass, detergents, pharmaceuticals, food, and also for water purification. 

Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director of Tata Chemicals Europe, said: “The completion of the carbon capture and utilization (“CCU”) demonstration plant enables us to reduce our carbon emissions, whilst securing our supply of high purity carbon dioxide, a critical raw material, helping us to grow the export of our pharmaceutical-grade products across the world.”

Ashcroft added, “With the support of our parent company, Tata Chemicals, and BEIS, we have been able to deliver this hugely innovative project, enabling our UK operations to take a major step in our carbon emissions reduction journey. Since 2000 we’ve reduced our carbon intensity by 50% and have a clear roadmap to reduce this by 80% by 2030.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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