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“Son of Concorde” is on its way! NASA Tests Its ‘Quiet’ Supersonic Jet

Concorde was the world’s first supersonic airliner, it entered service in 1976. But the Concorde aircraft was grounded in 2003, three years after the crash of Air France Flight 4590, in which all passengers and crew were killed. But when Concordes were in action, they would often break the sound barrier. Concorde’s window-rattling sonic booms produced enormous sound energy, […]

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Robot Dogs May Patrol the US-Mexico Border as Autonomous Sentries
Israeli Engineers Develop Implants That May Help Paralyzed People Walk Again
To Promote Cryptocurrency, $11.7million Worth of Pure Gold Cube Installed In Central Park
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New 2D Material That is Stronger Than Steel and as Light as Plastic

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers have created a new material stronger than steel but as light as plastic. Unlike other polymers that often form one dimensional chain, this novel 2D polymer material can self-assemble into sheets. Because the material self-assembles, it can also be easily manufactured in large quantities. “Instead of making a spaghetti-like […]

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World’s First Demo of Wi-Fi 7 Technology Herald Next-Gen Wireless Networking
Game-Changing Technology Can Remove 99% of CO2 From Air to End Pollution
Magnetic Seeds Used to Heat and destroy cancer cells
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