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Hackers Steal Over $600 Million in the Largest Cryptocurrency Heist in History

Hackers have infiltrated blockchain-based platform Poly Network to steal more than $600 million from crypto investors. Blockchain-based platform Poly Network confirmed through a tweet on Tuesday that it was attacked by hackers. Thousands of investors have been affected by the largest attack in the decentralized finance area. Poly Network allows investors to swap crypto tokens […]

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Solar-Powered Refrigerated Trailers Could Greatly Reduce CO2 Emissions
Lockheed Martin’s Legion Pod Helps Drone Track Targets in Radar-Denied Environments
MIT Researchers Make Clean Hydrogen Fuel Using Scrap Aluminum and Water
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US Navy’s Pilotless Solar-Powered Plane Can Fly for 90 Days Straight

The US Navy is developing a pilotless aircraft capable to remain airborne for 90 days. The crewless aircraft will be powered with solar energy from solar panels on its wings. The US Navy has given the contract to develop the plane to US-Spanish aerospace firm Skydweller Aero. Removing the cockpit allowed a longer range and […]

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Scientists Create The Strongest Glass In The World…. Stronger Than Even Diamonds
California Teen Invents New Type of Fire Extinguisher to Protect Homes from Wildfires
Caltech’s New Space-Based Solar Project Could Provide Earth with Limitless Energy
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