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OPPO Presents 125-Watt Charger for the 5G Era

The 5G roll-out is already taking place globally, and a growing number of 5G-enabled devices are flooding the market right now. One of the issues that all of these phones have is that 5G is very energy-demanding, so even though vendors are squeezing batteries of large capacities inside the devices, people who travel on the […]

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Scientists Discover Ultra-Black Deep-Sea Creatures
The Thermometer on the Arctic Surpassed 100 Degrees Fahrenheit
LG’s “Cloi Servebot” to be Deployed in South Korean Hospitals and Restaurants
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New Hybrid Solar Converter Generates both Electricity and Steam With 85% Efficiency

In a big breakthrough, researchers from Tulane University have developed a new type of hybrid solar energy converter. This innovative device uses solar energy to create both electricity and steam, with high efficiency and low cost. Typically solar energy is collected using photovoltaics. There are Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems as well that use heat instead […]

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Robot-Run Farm Uses as Little as 5% of the Water Needed in Traditional Farms
Facebook to Warm Up Homes With Heat Generated in its Data Centers
Top 10 Industrial Oven Manufacturers in The United States
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