Top 10 Industrial Oven Manufacturers in The United States

By: | July 8th, 2020

There are many reputable industrial oven manufacturers in the United States, boasting decades of expertise and experience in materializing innovative custom designs, or filling the market with reliable and efficient solutions. The top build quality, ultimate-precision engineering, and full compliance with the underpinning standards is non-negotiable for anyone who engages in this field, so finding the best among them is an intricate matter.

We have hand-picked the ten most successful industrial oven manufacturers who are based in the US, considering their historic success, their contribution in the field, the complexity of the solutions they offer, and their proven record in customer satisfaction. Without further ado, here are the top ten American industrial oven manufacturers.

1. Despatch Industrial Ovens

Despatch is a premium-quality industrial oven manufacturer and one of the key players that pushed the technological developments in the field forward. The company has been making ovens since 1902, so their experience in the field is beyond comparison.

Today, they offer a wide range of specialized ovens, these include:

Manufacturers rely on Despatch ovens for a wide variety of applications including curing, drying, sterilizing, annealing, aging, heat treating, burn-in and testing.

As industrial applications remain the epicenter of the brand’s focus, all of Despatch’s ovens are designed from the ground-up to abide by regulatory requirements, comply with applicable employee safety standards, and to be robust enough to withstand the harshest of conditions.

8860 207th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55044

Phone: 952-469-5424
Toll-free: 1-800-726-0110



LEWCO is an Ohio-based industrial oven manufacturer offering batch, conveyor, drum, hotbox, and field-assembled ovens. The company has been very prolific in developing innovative designs, and managed to build its reputation through it over the past couple of decades.

LEWCO has had satisfied customers in the military, aerospace, and automotive industries, which underlines its ability to deliver tailor-made solutions that are highly efficient.

706 Lane Street
Sandusky, OH 44870

Phone: 419-625-4014


3. Thermcraft

Thermcraft is a specialist in oven and thermal processing equipment products manufacturing with an international clientele. Its products are covering the entire temperature spectrum, meeting even the most exquisite requirements.

Ever since its establishment in 1971, Thermcraft has been constantly expanding its manufacturing capabilities, investing in modernizing and extending its facilities, as well as instating an R&D center.

This has enabled the firm to offer customized ovens when required, featuring minor electrical or size alterations to major design changes.

3950 Overdale Rd.
Winston Salem, NC 27107

Phone: 336-784-4800


4. Precision Quincy

As the name suggests, “Precision Quincy” is an industrial oven manufacturer that focuses on precision engineering. This basically translates to ultimate performance combined with incomparable efficiency.

Established over 70 years ago, Precision Quincy is among the leaders in industrial oven manufacturing, offering state of the art batch ovens, conveyor ovens, walk-in ovens, and more.

The firm’s engineering teams are devotees of the “perfect fit” mentality, so they are not focused so much on ready solutions but rather in custom creations.

483 Gardner Street
South Beloit, IL 61080

Phone: 302-602-8738


5. Grieve

Grieve has been making ovens and furnaces that were created to be able to take a beating, since 1949. Their custom products don’t make discounts in what concerns compliance with safety regulations, while the firm promises ultimate reliability no matter what technical specifications were followed.

Grieve’s products last for generations and are the choice of the US-based plants of Toyota, CAT, and 3M.

500 Hart Road
Round Lake, IL 60073-2898

Phone: 847-546-8225


6. JPW

JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of lab, cabinet, walk-in, conveyor, and custom ovens. The firm strives to provide products that are safe, versatile, dependable, and cost-effective solutions that were made according to specific needs and technical specifications.

This has been driven by pure innovation and creativity coming from JPW’s teams during the past decades, and has helped the company build an immaculate reputation in the field.

6080 State Route 14
Trout Run, PA 17771

Phone: 570-995-5025


7. TPS

TPS (Thermal Products Solutions) is a reputable North American producer of test chambers, drying ovens, and a vast range of industrial ovens and lab furnaces.

They offer both meticulously-designed models and fully customized solutions, while they also maintain an impressive inventory of refurbished products.

TPS reports having installed more than 75,000 industrial ovens and furnaces on clients around the globe.

2821 Old Route 15
New Columbia, PA 17856

Phone: 800-586-2473


8. Wisconsin Oven

The “Wisconsin Oven Corporation” has been around for 40 years, creating industrial ovens for a wide range of applications. They are making batch, walk-in, conveyor, and also laboratory ovens for clients in energy, automotive, composites, and the aerospace industries, and have formed a very good reputation for themselves.

Their strong point is the customer support, who are lucky to enjoy what the firm calls “the WOW” experience.

2675 Main Street
East Troy, WI 53120

Phone: 262-642-3938


9. Infrared Heating Technologies

IHT (Infrared Heating Technologies) is a renowned manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces, and heaters based in East Tennessee. The company operates a state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing facility which enables it to produce technologically advanced solutions for an international clientele.

Whether you are looking for ovens suitable for annealing and hardening, or something for tempering and curing, IHT has a well-thought-out solution in the market.

2010 HWY 58, Suite 2120
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Phone: 865-535-0050


10. Epcon Industrial Systems

Epcon Industrial Systems is a reputed industrial oven producer that has been around since 1977. While the area of specialization of Epcon is that of developing regenerative thermal oxidizers, this doesn’t mean that their industrial ovens are taking the back seat.

To the contrary, Epcon is applying its knowledge from building industrial oxidizers into making quality industrial ovens, and has already commissioned 4,000 of them across the globe.

17777 I-45 South
Conroe, TX 77385

Phone: 936-273-3300


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