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Scientists Create Electric Jet Engine That Could Lead To Carbon-Neutral Air Travel

In a big breakthrough, researchers from Wuhan University have developed environmentally-friendly plasma-powered jet propulsion system. This prototype device will allow planes to fly using just electricity and the air around them as fuel.  The study was published in AIP Advances  Worldwide scientists are working to shift on to renewable energies and minimizing the usage of fossil […]

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3D Printed Medical Objects Made With Pre-Programmed Intelligent Hybrid Living Materials (HLM)
This Genius New Type of Solar Energy Cell, will allow Windows to generate electricity
NVIDIA Scientist Created and Open-Sourced a Low-Cost Ventilator
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Bollinger Readying to Make a Bold Move with an EV Commercial Truck

Bollinger Motors is the name of a new American EV startup that aspires to revolutionize the field, and admittedly, we’ve had quite a lot of these since the beginning of 2018. Where Bollinger differentiates itself is on focusing on a versatile platform that can be used in numerous different applications. By developing an adaptable chassis, […]

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Human Brain Implant Could Be Ready within a Year
Wearable Sensors to Predict COVID-19 Infections in US Military Hospitals
World’s Fastest Camera Can Record 70 TRILLION Frames per Second
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