The Market May Be Idling, But It’s Raring To Go

By: | August 3rd, 2020

Image Credit: Ford Media Center

With most of the world currently on lockdown, there isn’t really a lot of movement in the automotive market, but that doesn’t mean the engine has been turned off just yet.

Automakers are starting to reopen their doors and car news is revving up again. Many manufacturers have just published their quarterly returns, and they aren’t as devastating as many were expecting. In fact, some exciting new developments have occurred during this time.

Now is not the time to stall

The motoring world is always looking for the next big thing, and automakers can’t afford to stay idle amidst such fierce competition. So, while product may not be moving all that quick, the engineers behind the latest innovations certainly aren’t sitting on their hands. In the USA, Ford continues to push the envelope by developing new models and reinvigorating established nameplates.

The latest offering from the company includes the Mustang Cobra Jet, the fully electric Mustang Mach-E and the new Bronco.

Many weren’t expecting to see the return of this nameplate in their lifetime, after a 25-year hiatus from the market. However, the oldest automaker in the states is determined to surprise us yet again, and what a welcome surprise it is.

Taking the bull by both horns

With such a prestigious legacy to live up to, the revived 2021 Ford Bronco certainly doesn’t balk at the challenge. Although the powertrain on the base model is just a four-cylinder, the engine still develops an impressive 270 hp and 310 lb-ft. But, if that isn’t enough to satiate you, there is an available V6 engine that offers even greater performance with 310 horsepower and 400 lb-ft. For a more hands-on approach, a seven-speed manual gearbox comes standard, automatic transmission with ten gears is available if you want to enjoy the scenery more than conquer it. Of course, AWD is standard, too.

All this raw power gives the Bronco more than enough off-roading. And for true aficionados, there is even an advanced 4×4 system, which goes with a two-speed transfer case that automatically shifts power between the axles to ensure that you always have optimal traction and control over your surroundings. The beastly truck also boasts a Terrain Management system with seven drive modes, including:

  • Normal
  • Eco-mode
  • Slippery and Sand
  • Rock Crawl
  • Baja
  • Muds/Ruts

A modern-day western

While the powerful 4×4 may be designed to handle the wild, that doesn’t mean it forgoes modern conveniences and amenities. The interior definitely matches the rugged aesthetic of the rest of the vehicle, but there is more than enough modern tech around to satisfy the fussiest glamper. A large LCD driver-information display comes standard, and complements the available 12-inch touchscreen infotainment display well. The SYNC4 operating system supports full smartphone integration and several power outlets around the cabin ensure that passengers in the front or back seat can keep their devices running.

The Bronco may be designed to tackle the great outdoors, but it feels at home in the urban jungle, too. The interior is available with full leather seats on the upper trims, while even the base model provides a spacious cargo hold. The trail sights on top of the fenders help the rugged vehicle maneuver around in tight spots, and they also provide tie-down points for roof-mounted cargo – with a maximum capacity of 150 pounds.

Pick your poison, partner

Now available to order, with a $100 refundable reservation fee, the Ford Bronco is available in seven trim levels. The aptly named Bronco Base opens bidding at less than $30k MSRP, while the top-spec First Edition asks for a heftier $60k. What you get is determined by how much you’re willing to pay, so consider taking one for a test drive before you settle on a specific configuration. Just don’t expect the best fuel economy from this beast. While the EPA has not yet rated it for mileage figures, these off-roaders are not known to get many miles per gallon. Still, the latest rival to the Jeep Wrangler is worth seeing for yourself.


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