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Going Up? Partial Space Elevators Could Take You to the Ultimate Top Floor.

It costs about $25,000 per kilogram (2.2 pounds) to put any object into orbit around the Earth. Due to these high costs of space shuttle flights and repeated launch delays, scientists have long explored alternative ways of getting satellites into space. One of those ways might just be the ultimate elevator: a space elevator. Press […]

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The Office That Actually Makes Employees Want to Come to Work

The office of Selgas Cano, an architecture firm based in Madrid, Spain, continues to be one of the most looked at buildings on the web recently and with good reason. The seven architects who work at Selgas Cano set out to build an office “under the trees” and they successfully met their goal. Selgas Cano’s […]

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Survivalist Bunker Featuring Decontamination Showers and a Recording Studio Up for Auction
Skysat-1 Satellite, about the Size of a Mini-Fridge, Captures First HD Video of Earth
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