This Four-Legged Robot Will Chase You Down…

By: | March 31st, 2014

In 2013, DARPA released a video of a four-legged robot resembling a cheetah that had the ability to “chase and evade” to the tune of 30 mph!

Many people were freaked out watching the robot move but found solace in the fact that the machine had a leash of electronic cables attached to it and wouldn’t be chasing you down on its own any time soon.

Now, Boston Dynamics, which is funded by DARPA has introduced the WildCat as a follow-up project to the cheetah robot and while the WildCat can only move at 16 mph, it can do so untethered from cables.

The WildCat features insanely fluid movements including galloping, turning, and stopping on a dime.

Not to mention, the robot easily recovers from falling down as a real animal would.

The WildCat does not have any designated applications at the moment but rumors are the robot will be tested in emergency response situations such as fire fighting.

I just hope to never see this beast galloping after me! Unless I need help of course…

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Marshall Smith

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