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What is The Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0?

To better understand what the Fourth Industrial Revolution entails, we must look at the preceding revolutions. The First Industrial Revolution – water and steam power to mechanize production The Second Industrial Revolution – electric power to create mass production The Third Industrial Revolution – electronics and information technology to automate production. The Fourth Industrial Revolution […]

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Scientists Recently Set New Record for Highest-Temperature Superconductor
Adding Selenium Alloy Boosts Efficiency of Thin Film Solar Cells To 22%
Tiny Spy: This Robotic Bee Is Smaller Than a Penny
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Russia Launches the World’s Longest Nuclear Submarine That Can Also Spy Underwater

Russia recently launched the world’s longest submarine called Belgorod. This special submarine is one of Russia’s most secret weapon carriers, which has been designed for carrying out different kind of missions. The Belgorod is officially known as Project-09852 and is equipped to carry out underwater spy missions and to launch Poseidon nuclear torpedoes. It is […]

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How Do Quantum Computers Work?
VR Game Trains Law Enforcement on Disaster Management
U.S. Air Force Deploys ‘Microwave’ Weapons That Could Fry Iran and North Korea’s Weapons
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