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HP Recalling More Laptop Batteries Due to Overheating And Melting

Some HP laptops continue to suffer from faulty batteries that may cause “fire and burn damage,” according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Faulty battery woes have long plagued HP workstation laptops, with seemingly annual recall announcements and expansions dating back to 2015 and totaling nearly 250,000 units. The recall date is now March 12th, […]

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Climate Change Won’t Affect Europe’s Electric Grid
Researchers Develop Cheaper and More Flexible Solar Cells
Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Build a ‘Brain-Computer Interface’ To Read Your Thoughts
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Electric Cars Are the New ‘Mobile Power Station’ for Your Home

Looking for the ultimate “off-the-grid” living experience? Coming this year, Mitsubishi will sell a system that lets you share power between your home and electric car. The Dendo Drive House (DDH) features solar panels, a home battery, and a bi-directional charger that lets power flow from your home to your car, or from your car to your […]

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Scientists Just Found A Way to Turn Regular Seawater into Hydrogen Fuel
Scientists Successfully Grow Human Blood Vessels in a Petri Dish
Small Bearings are Transforming Automotive Seating from Comfort to Safety
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