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U.S. Army to Acquire Airborne Microwave System That Snipes Drones Out of the Sky

Lockheed Martin has developed a drone-demolishing airborne microwave system that quite literally cooks drones in midair. As if that were not cool enough, the U.S. Army has announced plans to purchase the technology, which can be mounted on a myriad of aircraft in order to swiftly disable drones with a beam of focused radiation. Drones […]

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Liquid Metal Flow Battery for Affordable Storage of Green Energy
StormBreaker: The Newest U.S. Air Force Deadly Weapon
Tesla’s Most Eco-Friendly and Affordable Ride – It’s a $1,500 Surfboard
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Could Crustaceans Provide a Compostable Alternative to Plastic Food Packaging?

You have to have been living in a bubble not to be aware of the damage being done to wildlife, and the environment in general, by our rampant use of cheap, oil-based plastics. So, what’s not to like about ideas to use the shells of crustaceans in place of petroleum and end up with a […]

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Scientists Transplanted Lab-Grown Lungs into Pigs — Are Humans Next?
World’s Largest Man-Made Waterfall: $120 per Hour to Run
AI Can Guess Your Personality Type by Tracking Your Eyes
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