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NASA’s Titanium Spring Tires Are Nearly Indestructible

NASA research engineers have unveiled super-elastic titanium spring tires that will help rovers designed for extraterrestrial surfaces to carry heavier payloads and explore larger areas for longer periods of time. Researchers foresee that these new tires could also be used on manned exploration vehicles that would move at much higher speeds. The design of NASA’s […]

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Bird Brains: Scientists Identify Secret Behind Intelligence in Parrots
New AC Technologies Are Changing the Way We Keep Cool
Australian Trial Wipes Out Over 80 Percent of Dengue Mosquitoes
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Forget Flying Cars … Here Comes the Flying Train!

Transportation is about to get a technology-driven reboot. Recently, Akka Technologies, an innovative engineering and consulting company based in France, unveiled its mind-blowing Link & Fly aircraft design. The new vehicle is both a flying train that can take to the air and a plane with a passenger pod and detachable wings that can travel […]

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Bicycle Drivetrain Wins 2018 Eurobike Innovation Award
Apple Launches Initiative to Generate More Than 4 Gigawatts of Clean Energy in China by 2020
Google’s AI Can Predict When a Hospital Patient Will Pass Away
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