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GGB Is Leading the Way in Hydropower Bearings From Brazil’s Belo Monte to the Panama Canal

GGB is known for its robust solutions pertaining to renewable energy applications, most notably in the hydropower industry where the company’s extensive experience and expertise make it second to none. Currently at the forefront of developing highly customized solutions to meet specific friction challenges, GGB’s recent collaborations include Brazil’s Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant, China’s […]

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Chinese Rain-Making System Three Times the Size of Spain
Six-Pack Ring Feeds Sea Animals Instead of Killing Them
Miracle Moss Can Naturally Remove Arsenic From Water
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Oil Giant Shell to Bring Prototype of the OX Flat-Pack Vehicle to Life

The OX flat-pack vehicle is a new slab-sided creation capable of bringing mobility to the developing world. Two years ago, I wrote about how the OX flat-pack could be a game-changer, but now it’s one step closer to reality thanks to a partnership with Shell. A pre-production prototype of the OX will be created and […]

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New Zealand Disappearing From World Maps?
Indian Police Trace 3000 Missing Children Using New Facial Recognition Software
Robot Mimics Flic-Flac Spider, Somersaults Like Crazy
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