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GGB’s High Performance Transmission Bearings For Automotive Applications

GGB, a global leader in the automotive industry, has 80 years in the plain bearing business and, over this time, has come to provide more than 50 bearing solutions for automotive applications. The company’s transmission bearings consist of three main product families: metal-polymer, bi-metal and engineered plastics bearings. Typically, limited space and weight hinder traditional […]

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Glowing Plants Could One Day Replace Lamps
Airbus Successfully Utilizes Trailblazing Communication Solution
Dinosaur? Partially Preserved Skeleton Found in India
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Air Pollution May Affect Brain Development in Children

We all know that when we breathe in polluted air, pollutants go deep into our lungs, causing serious damage to the respiratory tract.  Now, a report from UNICEF has warned that air pollution has the potential to affect brain development in infants. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are the most vital for the brain’s growth; […]

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Chinese Surveillance Network Tracks Down BBC Reporter
Low Cost Robotics From igus: Affordable, Flexible
B7X: The Middle East’s First Dual-Use USV Model
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