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Man Gains Consciousness After Years in Vegetative State

Doctors normally consider the damage from a traumatic brain injury irreparable after a person spends more than a year in a vegetative state. However, researchers at the French National Center have induced signs of consciousness in a man who was in a vegetative state for the last 15 years due to brain injury. This 35-year-old […]

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Zero-Electricity AC Lowers Temperatures by 35 Degrees

Many rural and underserved areas struggle to beat the heat due to lack of resources. To combat the brutally hot weather, New Delhi-based Ant Studio has designed a low-tech, energy-efficient air conditioning system. Ingenious use of evaporative cooling offers low-cost solution to sweltering heat Ant Studio‘s solution is an innovative honeycomb-like installation of conical clay […]

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Evaporating Water: A Source of Renewable Energy?
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Hybrid Filters Help Improve Digital Ink Production
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