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NASA Plans to Save Earth From Supervolcano by Puncturing It

According to scientists at NASA, one of the greatest natural threats to human civilization is a supervolcanic eruption. The resulting ash clouds could starve the Earth of sunlight, resulting in the collapse of global agricultural systems and the deaths of potentially millions of people. According to researcher Brian Wilcox from the space agency’s Jet Propulsion […]

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From Clear to Opaque, Smart Window Will Change Transparency at the Click of a Button
These Ultra-Thin and Flexible Solar Panels Can Stick to Any Surface Like Wallpaper
DIY Enthusiasts are Building Versions of Tesla’s Powerwall From Laptop Batteries
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Porsche’s New $18K Carbon Fiber Wheels

In the world of automotive design, carbon fiber has played a major role in reducing vehicle weight. Wheels using carbon fiber in their construction have been around for a while, but until now these wheels were made with carbon-reinforced resin. German automaker Porsche claims to be the first to produce ultra-light wheels made with braided carbon fiber. A […]

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Fire Ants Form Giant Rafts to Escape Houston Floods, Scaring Everyone
Global Warming Effects: Arctic Crossing Without Icebreaker
An Ingredient in Royal Jelly Found to Have Miraculous Wound-Healing Properties
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