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Airbus Perlan II Rides “Mountain Waves” to Edge of Space

In El Calafate, Argentina, an all-volunteer exploration team will ride mountain winds in the Airbus Perlan II sail plane in an attempt to break the world gliding altitude record of 50,727.ft. A meteorological phenomenon known as standing mountain waves has the potential to lift the engineless craft to unbelievable heights. Created when airflow is forced […]

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Scientists Discover Golden Spice Turmeric Can Kill Cancer Cells in Infants
World’s First Shape-Shifting Skyscraper Allows Residents to Rotate Their Apartments 360 Degrees
These Stylish Tattoos are Actually Super-Thin Wearable Electronic Devices to Monitor Health
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Hybrid Drone Delivers Power, Distance

You’ve heard about Amazon’s coming-any-day-now drone delivery project? It may soon be everywhere, capable of delivering anything. And if you’ve ever taken an Uber car through snarled city traffic and wondered how quick your trip would be if you could just sail over all those cars? You may have your chance. MIT alumnus Long Phan, […]

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Breakthrough Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes Is Headed for Human Trials in 2018
“Dead” Google Glass Makes a Comeback to Improve Worker Efficiency
Apple Working On Autonomous Systems Meant for More Than Self-Driving Cars?
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