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China Just Built the World’s Cutest Solar Plant Which is Shaped Like a Panda

A new solar power plant in Datong, China is the cutest and the most adorable solar farm in the world. Most solar farms align their solar arrays in rows and columns; however, this solar farm is shaped like a giant panda. This project not only aims at providing green energy but it is also part […]

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Fund Crunch: NASA Can’t Afford to Send Humans to Mars Anymore
From Waste to Innovation: 22-Year-Old Computer Engineer Converts Soda Can Into Mini-Satellite
SolarCoin & ElectriCChain: Revolutionary Blockchain Technologies
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Designing & Building New 3D Printed Super Yachts

One consequence of the growing wealth of the world’s 1% is superyachts that have become hundreds of feet long and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The wealthiest are always looking for the next new thing in luxury, and 3D printed yachts are one of those next things. Yacht designers are now using cloud-powered software […]

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World’s First Ropeless Elevator Can Move Up, Down, and Sideways
iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Scanner vs. Touch ID
Electric & Hybrid Planes Promise Quiet, Low Emissions
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