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Keeping Nanotechnology Safe While Improving Consumer & Industrial Goods

Manipulating Matter at Near Atomic Size The mission of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is to protect workers. Given the expansion in the use of nanotechnology applications and uses, NIOSH is reviewing existing regulations to ensure the use of nanotechnology in all its forms is safe for the public. Currently, nanotechnology […]

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The Drexler-Smalley Debate on Nanotechnology: Are Molecular Assemblers Possible?
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How Probabalistic Robotics & Statistics Deal With Uncertainty, Improve Robot Performance

For decades now, robotics has revolved around the idea that robots can be controlled using exact models of robots and exact models of their environment. But there has been a paradigm shift to the use of “reactive controllers” that take input from sensors. This data is run through statistical models to determine which robot actions […]

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How Automation Is Taking over Our Lives
Rotamaks: Yet Another Ignored Fusion Technology
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